10 Portable Car Jump Starter & Best Battery Boosters in 2019

Best Portable Car Jump Starter Reviews

Now a days you can get portable jump starter of different varieties that contains mini jump starter pack, best portable jump starter and heavy duty jump starter just like Stanley that comes with compressor as well. These Jump starter uses Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) technology that works by moving of ions from negative electrode to the positive electrode during charging and discharging. These Ions are already being used in laptops, cell phone and android so they are best to be used in these devices. Get Best Jump Starter Reviews

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Advantages of using battery booster in 2019?

Following are the advantages of using car jump starter.

  • Weight:

These product has very less weight which makes it very easy to carry. Some products come at pocket size. These are best to be carried with one self while on hiking, camping for power source as they have different USB ports.

  • Size:

Whenever you are about to buy such product that you will be needing in many emergency cases we have the size issue as we don’t want a heavy duty battery to be carried by us when going on a trip. As such when buying the best car jump starter we have to look forward for the size of this product. It should easily fit in too our backpack.

  • Features:

Would you ever buy such a product that has less features and cost more? Never no one prefer such items in this era. As such when choosing the portable battery booster pack you would look for such product which will give more features with quality. Such as it should have USB ports, should be able to charge laptop and must have Flash Light on it.

  • Power:

Power is the most important factor to be kept in mind while selecting these products, it should be capable of jump starting boat, truck, diesel engine, ATV, motor cycle and cars. Some of the company have made them 2 in 1 that comes with jump starter and compressor.

By combining all the factors that have been discussed above I have borrowed and purchased few of the portable best jump starter and reviewing them for 2018. All of the products listed on this blog of mine are tested by myself and highly recommend. I will try to cover most of the pros and the cons.

Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter10/105/5CHECK PRICE
GOOLOO 1000A Peak10/105/5CHECK PRICE
Beatit BT-D119/105/5CHECK PRICE
iClever 600A Peak8.5/104/5CHECK PRICE
Pocket Jumper9.5/104.4/5CHECK PRICE
JACO Boost Pro8/104/5CHECK PRICE
Tacklife T8 Auto Battery Booster9/104.4/5CHECK PRICE
Suaoki U28 2000A Peak8/104/5CHECK PRICE
Beatit BT-B9 Battery Jump Starter7/105/5CHECK PRICE
Antigravity XP-10 Heavy Duty Micro Start10/105/5CHECK PRICE
  1. Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter | 1200A Peak 12000mAH | Review & User Guide | Under 80$

Portable yet compact with powerful lithium battery that can jump starter your 6L engine in a single jump. This battery booster is the best in its line. It can jump start 6L gas and 5.2L diesel engine up to 30 times with a single charge, it comes with heavy duty clamps and cables with advance safety technology that does not allow reverse current with the help of reverse polarity protection, over current protection to not damage your car battery, overload protection, over voltage protection.

Best Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

Best Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

This battery jump starter comes with 6 in 1 multi functions such as it can be used for emergency battery booster, portable charger, LED flash light, S.O.S Lighting Signal for help, Dual USB Quick Charge 3.0. If you love to travel, hike, outdoor activities, long distance driving, adventure then this is the best tool for you or if you know someone who loves to do the above mentioned activities give them a surprising gift on his birthday.

It is not just a portable car jump starter it is a powerful power station which has a capacity of 12000mah of battery capacity that can charge to smartphones, tables etc. Check out this heavy duty car jump starter with compressor.

Product Description:

Following is the Imazing jump starter product description.

  • Model: IM23.
  • Capacity: 12000mAh jump starter and power bank.
  • Start Current: 800A.
  • Peak Current: 1200A.
  • Output 1 (QC 3.0): 5V/ 9V/ 12V.
  • Output 2: 5V/ 2.1A.
  • Output 3: DC 12-16V.
  • Input: 15V1A/ 5V2A.
  • LED Flash Light with SOS.
  • LED Display with on off button.
  • Support to jump starter most of the 12V vehicle with 1200A peak current.
  • Support QC 3.0 quick charge.

Imazing portable battery booster and power bank user guide:

Before going any trip double check if there is enough battery level, connect the red clamp to the positive terminal and the black to the negative terminal, then connect the EC5 connector to the jump starter. The boost LED will flash red and green alternatively. Once all the above is done the LED will turn into a solid green light, the IM23 is ready to jump boost your vehicle.

What you will get after the purchase?

When you have made a successful purchase of Imazing Jump Starter, you will get intelligent jump cable clamps, intelligent cigarette charger jump cable, 12V wall charger, 12V car charger, USB cable, portable compressive case (gift).

How to jump starter, do we only have to attach the clamps to the battery?

No, You have two options either open up the hood attach the wires to the battery and have a jump starter the traditional method. 2nd method this device comes with two cables one to charge the battery booster pack from the cigarette lighter other is an output plug you plug one end into the Imazing portable car battery jump starter and into the cigarette lighter to jump start the car.
  • Great Performance
  • Reliable
  • Sleek Design
  • Accessories
  • Quick Charge USB Port
  • 3 types of Output
  • Can Jump Start Battery from Clamps and Cigarette Lighter Port
  • Single Charge in 30 Days Compulsory
  • Cannot Leave in Socket After 100% Charge is Complete
  1. GOOLOO 1000A Peak | Portable Car Battery Booster | Review & User Guide | Under 90$

If you are looking for the powerful jump starter yet portable then GOOLOO is the best pick for you, the size might seem smaller but “Don’t judge a book by its cover” we have heard this quote a lot. Unlike other product a polymer battery is installed instead of normal ones. Which helps you to boost up your car battery up to 8.0L gas or 6.0L diesel, motorcycle, RV, tractor, cargo vans, ATV’s, snowmobiles, oil boat etc, it has the capacity to jump start up to 30 times with 1000Amps of peak current and heavy duty clamps.

Best Jump Starter for V8

Best Jump Starter for V8

4 in 1 Jump Booster:

  • Powerful Jump Starter.
  • Portable charger.
  • LED Flash light.
  • SOS Lighting Signal.

GOOLOO is useful in case of long distance travelling, adventure, outdoor, daily emergency and travel.

This jump starter pack comes with upgraded supreme clamps and advance protection, the upgrade clamps are now ½ bigger, more sturdy and durable. The intelligent protector is built in the battery pack, this protects from fire on the clamps which can cause melting or explosion.

GOOLOO battery jump box comes with 20800mAh capacity and with dual USB ports which can be used to charge phones, tablets, cameras, kindle and other devices at the speed of 2A. It has an LCD screen which tells you the current status of the battery left and when to charge.

What will you get after the purchase of GOOLOO Portable Car Battery Jump Starter?

Following are the things you will get after the successful purchase.

  • GOOLOO Jump Starter GP200.
  • 12V Battery Clamp.
  • Wall Charger (With UL Certification).
  • Car Charger.
  • USB Cable.
  • Storage Case.
  • User Manual.

Accessories Not Included?

  • 12V cigarette lighter socket adaptor.
  • Upgraded Supreme Clamp
  • Dual USB Port
  • 10A DC Output
  • Emergency LED Flashlight
  • Up to 30 Jumps
  • Portable Power Pack
  • 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket Not Provided
  • Can’t Use in High Temperature
  1. Beatit BT-D11 800A | Best Portable Car Jump Starter Pack | Review and User Guide | Under 70$

Best Lithium Ion Jump Starter

Best Lithium Ion Jump Starter

Beatit comes with 800Amps of peak current and heavy duty clamps and cables, it can jump start your vehicle up to 7.0L gas and 5.5L diesel engine up to 30 times. The amazing feature is the compact and sleek design which allows you to store it in your glove box or backpack easily. This life saver gets fully charged within 5.5 hours using the included charger.

Beatit power jumper pack comes with 18000mAh and a dual USB port which can be used to charge the smartphone, tablets, laptops and other devices. The upgraded clamps has intelligent clamps which has over current, short circuit, overload, over voltage and over charge protection.

LCD is installed which helps you to see the amount of remaining power and comes with 2X USB charging ports which can be used as portable battery charger, SOS flashlight is helpful in case of emergency in outdoor adventures or long trips.

Best Features:

  • Intelligent Protection Clamps.
  • Portable Charger.
  • Polymer Batteries.
  • Quick Charge.
  • LED Screen.
  • Recharge USB Devices.

Beatit Battery Booster D11

Power Bank

You can use this product as a power bank comes with 18000mAh to charge your smartphones and tablets etc.


Comes with LED Flashlight which can be used as a flash light or as an SOS light to attain help if lost somewhere.

How to Use Beatit Jumper

Make sure you have connected the terminals to the battery in proper way as discussed. The positive terminal to the + sign and the negative to the -, if the jumper pack is showing steady green LED light this will indicate the connection is proper. Press the power button to begin the jump starting. Congratulations you are good to go.

In case if you notice a blinking red light, please recheck to make sure you have not reversely connected the clamps. Undo the clamps and redo it you will get the green led light.
If the clamps are properly connected and the light is still not green, please press the button next to the LED light to reset the smart clamps and enter the manual mode which allows you to force “on” the jump start function. Use this function for emergency only, we do not recommend using this mode under normal circumstances.
  • Multi Features
  • 2 USB Ports
  • LCD Screen
  • Short Length Cables
  • Not Recommended in High Temperatures
  1. iClever 600A Peak | Battery Jump Starter | Review & User Guide

As we speak of portable jumpers we think it should be compact to easily fit in the bag pack, luggage etc. while traveling or camping, it should have more features so additional cost is not to be bearded by any individual. It is a must have gadget for everyone’s car.

iClever is compact, powerful yet contains all the features which will be elaborated further in this article. The 600A peak battery booster pack can start up to 6.5L gas, 4.0L diesel engine up to more than 30 times with single charge.

iClever can be used as a power bank due to the Dual USB ports which gives a total of 5V/ 4.2A power and allows you to charge 2 smart phone or tablets at a time with high speed. Other stunning feature it comes with flash light that has 4 versions of it, bright the light doesn’t flick, SOS the emergency one that gives you the ability to be found out if lost in any case, strobe and warning light. It comes with a compass on the surface to help you find your way back home when lost in the wild, LCD screen shows you the amount of power that is remaining in the jump starter.

What will you get after the purchase of iClever battery jump starter?

You will be getting a Jump starter, Car charger, AC adapter, Jump starter clamps, USB cable, DC cable, Notebook connectors and jump starter case.

In case something is missing contact the seller he will replace the product for you in no time and apologies in advance for the hassle.

  • Multi Functional Tools
  • Laptop Charger
  • LED Light with Different Versions
  • Power Bank
  • Limited Jump Starts
  • No Quick Charger Port

Top 3 Stanley High Performance Portable Jump Starters Reviews


  1. Pocket Jumper 8000mAh | Portable Car Battery Jumper & Power Bank | Review | Under 80$

A must have light weight emergency tool kit with multi-functions such as led light, power bank. Pocket jumper is small enough to fit in your hand, in comparison you cannot imagine how much useful and powerful device you are carrying for the price you have paid. It has 400A peak power which allows you to jump start car battery 20 times off with one charge. It can charge typical phone up to 4 times. It has the ability to withhold charge up to 6 months at a time. Set it and forget it.


Car Battery Booster Pack Reviews

Car Battery Booster Pack Reviews

Portable Power Bank

This battery booster can be used as a portable power bank for personal and friend’s electronics. Weights less, easily stored in pocket and bag pack, a dependable portable jump starter pack at a moment notice. This device drives you a piece of mind where the world is full with uncertainty. Pocket Jumper 8000mAh Includes
  • Pocket Jumper Best Car Jump Starter.
  • 3 Carry Bags (1 Zipper Case, 1 for POD-X1 & Jumper Cables, 1 for Accessories)
  • 12V DC “Cigarette-Lighter” Car Charger Adapter.
  • 100-240V AC “Home-Wall” Charger Adapter.
  • USB to 3 Way Accessory Adapter (Apple 30 Pin, Micro USB, Mini USB)
  • Jumper Cables.

Pocket Jumper Specs

  • Weights 8 oz.
  • Peak Current 400A.
  • Starting Current 200A.
  • Milliamp Hours 8000mAh.
  • 5V USB port for charging cell phones, tablets, cameras, GPS units, PSPs & more.
  • 200 Amps Jump Start Port.
  • One charge last for 6 months unused.
  • Size 5.2 * 3*1 inches.
  • Output 5V 2A.
  • Input 12V 1A.
  • Full Charging Time 3 Hours.
  • Jump starts all 12 volt passenger and recreational type trucks and vans.
  • Compact
  • Jump Start 20 Times with Single Charge
  • Retain Charge for 4 Months
  • Dual Usage
  • No Water Proof

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  1. JACO Boost Pro | Portable Car Battery Jump Starter | Under 100$

Are you always in tension? Being uncertain of your car battery crashing while you are on the long journey? No need to worry any more we would provide the best solution, you will have to forget about the jump cables forever.

Best Jump Starter for Diesel

Best Jump Starter for Diesel

JACO Boost Pro Description

The BoostPro is a powerful 16,500mAh battery with 600 amps of peak current to boost dead batteries up to 6.5L gasoline or 5.2L diesel engines up to 20 to 30 jumps per charge. The additional feature is it has a super bright LED safety flash light with emergency SOS functions, rugged fireproof outer casing, battery jumper feature, and power supply for 12V and USB devices.

JACO Boost Pro is built from a top notch performance components featuring a crisp LCD battery life display screen, with dual USB ports to on the go power for your tablets, phone, best lamp, fan, and the list can go on.

What will you get after the purchase of JACO Boost Pro?

  • You will get a 300A start and 600A peak current portable jumper.
  • 16,500mAh capacity power bank to charge devices.
  • Trio Lithium-ion Battery Technology powered by three premium internal 3.7V lithium-ion cells.
  • Dual USB ports.
  • 12V DC Adapter Included.
  • Your safety & confidence.

What’s In the Box?

  1. BoostPro Power Station + Jumper Cables.
  2. Home Charger (AC) + Car Charger (DC).
  3. 3 in 1 Smartphone Charging Cable.
  4. 12V DC Power Supply.
  5. Certificate of Quality.
  6. Heavy Duty Zip Carry Case.
  • Powerful Yet Compact
  • 3 Lithium-ion Battery
  • Dual USB Port
  • Can Jump All 12V Vehicle
  • Weighs 3.02 Pounds
  • Limited Stock
  • Cannot Jump Start V8
  1. Tacklife T8 Auto Battery Booster | Best Lithium ion Jump Starter | Under 100$ & User Guide

Best portable car battery jump starter capable of cranking vehicles up to 6.5L gas and 5L diesel engines up to 30 times with 800A peak current after a full single charge in 4.5 hours, this is suitable for car, SUV, Van, Truck, Motorcycle and the list can go on.

Best Mini Portable Jump Starter

Best Mini Portable Jump Starter

Energy-Saving Tech

The unique ON and OFF switch helps avoid power drain when not in use, which provides a longer storage time. After a full charge it can retain the storage for 6 months, it has been designed to control the power delivering to provide better protection. Just make sure it’s turned ON before use and recharging.

LED Flashlight & Compass

It has 4 lighting modes (Strobe, SOS, Strong, Warning) will satisfy your different needs in urgent situations, and the built in compass which will help you to find your home and provide directions if lost. No afraid of dark field any more, it’s a multi-functional life saver on the go.

Quick Charge & LCD Screen

It comes with 2 USB port with 5V/ 9V (MAX 18W) port charges electronics like iPhone, iPad, and Kindle 3.6 times faster than general power packs. The 12V/ 10A (MAX 120W) port can power other 12V auto products like air compressor with an included cigarette lighter adapter. The LCD screen shows the power level and working status clearer.

Guide for Jump Start

Connect the positive terminal with + and the negative terminal with the -. Make sure the indicator is steady green for other situations please refer to the user manual.
  • Powerful to Jump Start Small and Large Engines
  • Upgraded Industrial Grade Clamps
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Battery Life
  • Lack of Laptop Output
  1. Suaoki U28 2000A Peak | Car Jump Starter Booster Portable | User Guide & Review | Under 130$

3 in 1 combination a powerful 2000A peak jump starter that boosts your 12V vehicle or boat almost can jump all gas or 8.0L diesel engine. 2000A peak battery booster comes with 1000A starting current and reaches a peak of 2000 amps immediately restart your flat car battery in seconds. It’s powerful enough to boost all 12V vehicles from your family cars to heavy duty trucks.

Suaoki U28 2000A Peak Car Jump Starter Booster Portable

It comes with built in 4 blue LED light as the battery indicator, 4 modes of LED flashlight strong, strobe, sos and red light as warning for different scenarios. The additional features it has the portable power source as 12V/10A Max DC power source to recharge lights, turn on wireless router, air compressors and security cameras on the go, it comes with DUAL USB port to recharge the phones.

100% Safety guaranteed it includes smart battery clamps to prevent short circuit, overheating, overvoltage, or under voltage, reverse charging, anti-access battery polarity.


Suaoki U28 Portable Battery Booster Specs:

  • DC Outlet Voltage: 12V/10A (Max)
  • USB Output: 2 ports; 5V/2.4A (Max)
  • Charging Mode: 15V/1A
  • Peak Current: 2000A
  • Starting Current: 1000A
  • Working Temperature: -20~+60°C/ -4~+140°F
  • Suitable forALL gas engines and 8.0L diesel engines

Package Includes:

  • 1x Suaoki U28 Jump Starter
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 1x Car Charger
  • 1x Pair of Smart Battery Clamps
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x Cigarette Lighter Female Socket
  • 1x User Manual
  • Performance
  • Sleek Design
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Cables Could Be Longer
  • Clamps Could Be Bigger
  1. Beatit BT-B9 | Best Portable Car Battery Jump Starter | Review & User Guide

Beatit is a powerful yet compact jump starter with 600 amps of peak current which has the ability to jump starter your vehicle up to 5.5L gas or 4.0L diesel engine or motorcycle, sleigh up to 30 times with a single charge.

Beatit BT-B9 Best Jump Starter Review Latest

Beatit BT-B9 Best Jump Starter Review Latest

Portable Power Bank

Beatit BT-B9 comes with a quick charge capacity of 14000mAh which gives you the advantage of charging different technology such as smart phones, tablets, cameras, kindle, table lamps at a speed of 2.1 amps.

6 in 1 Multi-Functional Tool

This emergency battery booster comes with 6 in 1 features such as:

  • Emergency Jump Start.
  • USB Quick Charge.
  • LED Flashlight.
  • SOS LED Light for Help.
  • Compass for Finding Directions.
  • Power Extended.

Fire Proof Design

It’s designed as a fire proof device as well as spark proof, reverse polarity protection, allows it safely to connect to any battery, high quality circuit boards, chip CPU has over current, short circuit and overload protection.
  • Customer Service
  • Passed Information Authoritative Certification
  • Industrial Grade Clamps
  • Cables Could Be Longer
  • Clamps Could Be Bigger
  • Clamps Could Be Improved
  1. Antigravity XP-10 Heavy Duty | Micro Start Lithium Portable Car Battery Booster | Reviews

Have you ever been a position your car won’t start and you had to call a tow truck service or wait for the road assistance to show up? You no longer need to be worried about it. Use Antigravity XP-10-HD HEAVY DUTY best portable car jump starter in the category of car jumpers. With power of starting 300 Amps and 600A Peak current you can jump start vehicle up to 7.3L diesel and gas engines such as car, truck, and motorcycle or power sports vehicle.

Antigravity XP-10 Heavy Duty Jump Starter ReviewPower & Charging

It comes with 4 ports which are as follows:

  • 19V for Laptops.
  • Two 5V USB ports for smartphones, small fans, table lamp etc.
  • 12V standard output for GPS, DVD players.
  • Massive Capacity 18000 mAh.

More Features

  • High power 110 Lumen LED Flashlight built in.
  • Lighted battery capacity indicator.
  • Automatic Power off when not in use.
  • Built in over charge and over discharge protections for long battery life.

What would you get after purchase of Antigravity XP-10 Heavy Duty?

Following are the things you will get after the purchase.

  • Leatherette Carry Case.
  • Micro Start XP-10-HD PPS.
  • Smart HD Jumper Cables.
  • Universal Cable for 12V Accessories and Use with Tips.
  • 8 Detachable Laptop Tips (Fits many but not all laptops charging ports. Fits: Apple, Acer, Dell, HP, Asus and more)
  • Universal 4 into 1 USB Cable (Mini USB, Micro USB, Apple 8 Pin, USB type C)
  • Mobile Charger.
  • Home/wall Charger.
  • Size
  • Customer service
  • Smart Clamps
  • Carry Case
  • Laptop Output
  • Clamps Could Be Improved
  • Cables are Bit Short
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How to Use Portable Jump Starter?

Every jump starter has its own functionality of how they have designed as I have reviewed above in the article. As you have noticed, the jump starters vary in their specification, features and power.

However the most traditional way is to open the hood up, check the battery if its liquid battery, check the water level if it’s low refill it to the line drawn on the side. Check the terminal if they got any rust on them apply some water and scrub them so they are clean and tidy that would help a good flow of current. The next step is to connect the positive terminal with the (+) sign and the negative terminal with the (-) sign.

Turn ON your jumper starter if it shows the green led steady go for the jump, if in some case it doesn’t for the first time. Give it another try it would start. If it doesn’t repeat the whole process again and it would definitely start the car.

Can You Jump Start a Car in Rain?

Yes, you can jump start your car in rain. But look for the manual if it says your jump starter is water proof then go for it otherwise you will have to protect your device from the rain to avoid any uncertainty.

If you have doubt your car battery is weak the best idea would be to let the car run in the rain. Do make sure you attach the clamps to the right terminal, as don’t bear the risk of electrocution or short circuiting the battery as they are not cheap.

Which Battery Booster Is Best to Purchase?

It all depends on you how much you are willing to pay for the product. If you are willing to buy the heavy duty portable battery booster which comes with air compressor they cost more then 100$.

Secondly more price doesn’t mean more quality, make sure you go through all the products buy the one that you like the most.

New technology has made everything more compact to save space, the compact jump starters should not be taken lightly as they can provide more boost.

How long should You Jump a Car?

When I have a dead battery, when I jump the car I let it run for couple of minutes to allow the battery to recharge. 

Make a jump start let the car run for 10 to 15 minutes, switch the engine off, switch it back on and start the car if it does your battery is recharged otherwise make another jump start let your car run for another 20 minutes.

Should I Charge My Battery with Jump Starter?

It’s not recommended at all to charge your dead battery with a jump starter it doesn’t matter how heavy your jump starter is but it is not made to recharge your dead battery. Doing so will reduce the life of the jump starter you have purchased.


Any ways you can recharge your mobile phones, tablets, laptop and any other appliance that has 12V batteries that could make excellent buffers against potential power issues which might otherwise cause some damage.

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