Best DBPOWER 500A Portable Car Jump Starter with User Guide 2019

We all are well aware of the fact that whenever we go on the journey we face some common problem and most of us have faced battery power outage. Back in 90’s we used to call roadside assistance and they would show up after half an hour or more, they would jump start your car and you were OK to get rolling back again on the road. 

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DBPOWER 500A Best Jumper

DBPOWER 500A Best Jumper

Due to continuous advancement in technology now we don’t need to worry about this problem anymore, all thanks to the new Portable Car Battery Jumpers, having different options to use it to charge other electronic products like IOS or Android mobile. I would like to discuss the best product that is available on internet which you can purchase with 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


First of all I would like to discuss the usages of this portable car jumper. Following are the usages of this portable battery jumper.

  • Jump start your Car/ Truck/ SUV’s etc.
  • Charges your Laptop. (Includes 8 in 1 adapters)
  • Includes an LCD with Compass.
  • Charge your mobile phones like (iPhone, Samsung)
  • Comes with flash light.
  • Alarm system.

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It can jump start your vehicle up to 3L gas or 2.5L diesel engine, up to 20 times with 500 peak current. It is compact enough to be stored in your glove box. It has the 12000 mAh capacity for other charging purpose. It comes with a Compass to show you directions and with flashlight with different modes. What you will get is jump cables, 12V wall charger, 12V car charger, User Guide and 3 years warranty and friendly customer service.

User Guide – Battery Booster DBPOWER 500A

It is very simple you just need to insert the clamp lead to the DBPOWER 500A compact product, and afterwards turn own the emergency kit. Now you need to attach the clamps to the battery terminals, do keep in mind if you accidently plug the clamps with the wrong terminal the product will start an Alarm that will give you the notice to make the correction. NOTE: Plug the red clamp to positive and the black to negative. You can check all other top 5 portable battery boosters.

Does this product comes with guarantee

Yes this portable power battery jumper comes with an exclusive 3 years warrantee? If you are not satisfied with the product which is a rare case you can return the product to the store within specified days.

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DBPOWER 500A is a best product which comes with high quality, the design is sleek and professional in look. The clamps are gold plated for over current protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection and over charge protection. This is one of the best portable power jumper being the best Multifunctional Emergency Kit.

  • Reliable
  • Compact Design
  • Powerful
  • Pretty Light

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