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Best Portable 12 Volts Air Compressor 2020 – Top Picks and Reviews

If you are looking for portable air compressor and you are unsure which model would fit, you best and are getting confused with lots of options.

We would like to compile a list of TOP 10 Best Portable Air Compressors which would help you in narrowing your purchasing decision.

We have a unique way of providing reviews we do a through research on the products that are listed on our blog and provide both aspects of the product the good and the bad giving away a greater space for deciding.

We try our level best in order to provide the best guide for you to decide and buy the excellent product that perfectly matches your need.

Let’s jump straight to the reviews of best air compressors for home garage. You can also check out Top 10 reviews on car jump starter.

Top 10 Best 12V Portable Air Compressors List

EPAuto Air Compressor10/105/5Check Price
Yome 12V Portable Dual Compressor10/105/5Check Price
Kensun Cheap Portable AC/ DC Air Compressor9/105/5Check Price
VacLife Auto Tire Portable Air Compressor 8.5/104/5Check Price
Helteko Portable Air Compressor 9.5/104.4/5Check Price
Viair 85P Best Air Compressor 8/104/5Check Price
Teromas 12V DC Most Quiet Air Compressor 9/104.4/5Check Price
Nilight 50028R Air Compressor 9/105/5Check Price
Akface DC Air Compressor9/105/5Check Price
Sunlifer Best Portable Car Tire Inflator 9/105/5Check Price

10 Best Air Compressors – Reviews 2020:

  1. EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Digital Tire Inflator | Under 50$

Almost all of us have experienced this issue of our tires being flat and stranded at the roadside waiting for help or getting out the spare tire from the trunk and wasting almost half an hour.

Thanks, to the EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor which is cheap yet powerful enough to refill your tire easily in a matter of 3 to 5 minutes.

Best Portable Super Quiet Air compressor for home garage 12 volts reviews

EPAuto air compressor provides the best convenience you don’t have to make Hassle and plug the system to the battery, instead you just have to plug directly into the Cigarette Lighter socket of your vehicle having 10 to 15 amps.

This portable DC 12 Volts air compressor have multiple use as of it can be used to inflate tires on cars, bikes, sedan and midsize SUV and have an additional feature of universal valve giving the ready to use feature.

EPAuto air compressor comes with an additional valve that enables you to inflate basketball/ balls, having long and short cone enabling you to inflate swimming pools and other accessories.

It comes up with digital display which is easy to read having different units such as PSI, KG/CM, BAR, KPA.

This DC portable air compressor comes with an excellent technology with auto shutoff feature when the desired PSI is reached, and this prolongs the life of the compressor as it prevents from overheating and auto shutoff when overloading.

  • Digital Display
  • DC Powered
  • LED Light
  • Multiple Adapters
  • Not Powerful for Truck Tires


  1. Yome 12V Portable Dual Compressor Air Pump Heavy Duty | Review | Under 50$

Yome dual air compressor comes with an upgraded technology and is made purely of high-quality copper wire coil. It comes with self-balancing technology to achieve stable and accurate inflation which consuming lower power and faster inflation results.

Best portable air compressor for tires reviews

It has the capability of inflating tires from 0 to 35 PSI in 2 minutes. In order to cop with using the air compressor at night, Yome air compressor comes with LED digital display showing 4 units which can easily by used at night times.

The LED digital display is far more accurate then the digital inflator. This air compressor has the feature of producing less heat in comparison to other products due to the dual cylinder and which is covered with heat insulation shell.

The portability of the device is made even easier by giving away a toolbox which enables the user of the product to store all accessories at one place which enables you not to lose them.

The accessories of the portable air compressor include air compressor pump, cigarette lighter plug, 10-foot extension hose, high quality battery clamp and 3 nozzles.

Yome DC air compressor comes with a 30 days money back guarantee which is free and a 2-year Product Warranty. Incase if you receive a damaged product just contact the supplier, they will send a new one.


Do you still need to go to the gas station?

Thanks to Yome best portable air compressor you don’t need to go to the gas station, just pull out the device and do all the work in few minutes saving handsome amount of time and money.

Do you still need to call for help while having a flat tire?

No, after the successful purchase I believe you won’t have to call for help, yet your friends might call you to inflate their tires for them.


  • 0 to 35 PSI in Two Minutes
  • Anti-Heat Technology
  • Dual Compressor
  • Pure Copper Wire
  • Not Recommended for inflated tires above 40 PSI


  1. Kensun Cheap Portable AC/ DC Air Compressor Inflator | Under 70$ | Reviews and Buyer Guide

Kensun have made their portable air compressor fast by adding dual motor in order to inflate tires super-fast and easily.

Best portable air compressor under 500 reviews

This unique cheap air compressor comes with dual power AC/ DC switching enabling the user to use the product from home electricity at 110V as well as the car battery or cigarette light plug.

One of the best features Kensun air compressor inflator has it provides 100PSI and a classic pressure gauge being large and bright enabling the user to understand quickly, it also has unit conversion (PSI/BAR/KPA).

Kensun portable inflator has the capability of inflating tires of cars, bikes, sedan and midsize SUV. It also comes with adapters in order to inflate basketballs etc.

With the AC/ DC feature it enables this portable car air compressor the best to be used in any situation.

Kensun is providing the best cheap portable air compressor for home and cars not compromising on the quality of the product, giving it a sleek design, is compact and handy, convenient operation provides quick and efficient inflating.

  • Premium Quality
  • Sleek Design
  • Multiple Nozzles
  • Quick and Efficient
  • For Home and Car Use
  • Cannot Inflate Trucks and Tractors


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  1. VacLife Auto Tire Portable Air Compressor |Reviews and Buyer Guide| Under 30$

VacLife is intelligent digital display car air pump which has different features such as Auto Shut-off, TPMS, LED Light and Accurate Digital Display.

Best Portable 12V air compressor reviews


VacLife cheap air compressor is easy to use, just plug the device with the battery 12V and connect the hose to the tire you want to inflate. Now turn on the device it will automatically inflate the tire for you.

VacLife is best for inflating tires of cars, ATV or midsize SUV. It also comes with 4 additional nozzles which can be used to inflate boats, swimming pools and other inflatables.

VacLife 12V air compressor comes with an LED Light for Emergencies in case you are inflating your tires at nighttime.

VacLife portable digital tire inflator has a long 11-Feet-Long range power cord which enables the device to reach front and back tires with ease.

VacLife air compressor comes with a multipurpose hose which can help you in deflating the tire fast in case of over inflating.

  • 11-Feet-Long
  • Emergency Light
  • Wide Range of Use
  • Multipurpose Hose
  • Weak for Inflating Truck Tires


  1. Helteko Portable Air Compressor for Home Garage| Reviews and Buyer Guide | Under 40$

Helteko is one of the best air compressors as it uses durable material and stainless steel which enables you to use the product for a longer period.

Best portable digital air pump for cars jeeps

This car air pump compressor comes with an Auto Shut Off option when the desired level of pressure is reached the pump will automatically shut off.

Helteko portable air compressor pump 150PSI 12V product can be used at night time as well as this comes with LCD digital display giving you a precise reading of the pressure.

Helteko air compressor has a power of inflating mid-size car tire in 3-5 min. It comes with a long cable of 3.5M to inflate the wheels of cars, motorcycle, suv and other similar vehicles.

  • Long Cable
  • Great Quality
  • Auto Shut OFF
  • LCD Digital Display
  • Compact Design
  • Cannot Inflate Truck Tires


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  1. Viair 85P Best Air Compressor for Tires | Reviews and Buyer Guide | Under 60$

Viair 85P is the latest version of the air compressor, which is available in the market, it has the power of 60PSI MAX working pressure.

Best cheap air compressor under 200 reviews

Viair 85P air pump can be used at 15 AMPS/ 180 Watts or more if less than the pump won’t start.

It comes with an awesome bright LED light in order to use the product at night times. It contains easy to read pressure gauge mounted with the compressor.

Make sure when you are about to use the product your engine must be running.

Viair portable compressors for tire inflation comes from a range of product model 70P-90P all of these have same features such as: It helps keep your tires last longer, better gas millage, keeping you safe on road.

  • Compact Design
  • Light Weight
  • 12V Running Power
  • Cannot Inflate Truck or Tractor


  1. Teromas 12V DC Most Quiet Air Compressor Pump Display up to 150PSI | Reviews and Guide| Under 30$

Teromas auto tire pump is strong, compact and fast in inflating tires at 150PSI from 0 to 35PSI in 4min. One of the best tools to have and use at emergency cases with convenience and ease.

Best 12 Volt air compressor for home use reviews and buyer guide

The air compressor is made up of best quality using ABS plastic and stainless steel which allows the user to use the product for a longer period without overheating the digital air pump.

Teromas has digital display and led lighting to easily measure the values in PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM, with high precession.

Teromas digital inflator comes with an auto shut off technology keeping the tires safe when the desired pressure is reached in car, you don’t have to worry about over inflation or low tire pressure anymore.

Teromas portable tire pumps comes with 10.5FT long power cord enabling to reach all the tires of car, motorcycle, ATV, Mini SUV easily.

Other than this Teromas pump can be used to inflate air mattress, inflatable boats, balls and other inflatables any other sports equipment.

Teromas digital 12V pump is a compact modern design which makes it easy to lift, store and carry the hand sized air compressor in your automobile and use it any time you need.

  • Compact Design
  • Modern Design
  • Easy to Carry
  • Hand Sized Cheap Air Compressor
  • Multiple Nozzles
  • Premium Quality
  • Test Pressure Accurately
  • Not for Trucks


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  1. Nilight 50028R Black/Yellow 12V DC 150PSI Portable Air Compressor Pump | Reviews and Buyer Guide | Under 30$

Nilight digital pump comes with 12FT power cord length enabling the compressor to reach almost all the tires of the car, motorcycles etc.

Best air compressor for impact wrench deals reviews and buyer guide

Plug and play feature allows the device to power from the cigarette lighter plug power voltage required is 12V DC.

This portable pump weighs 2 pounds and the values can be seen in PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM, by having the accurate pressure in the tires allow to achieve perfect millage.

Once you have the Nilight 50028R 12V portable air compressor in your trunk you will have the peace of mind against flat tire.

Nilight comes up with built in led light enabling the user to use the digital pump at night times and ensure your safety.

This air compressor can be used to inflate other inflatables such as swimming pools, air mattresses etc.

Nilight Black/Yellow compressor comes with multi-functional valve caps as a free gift with various sized attachments and extra fuse.

  • Auto Shutoff
  • Fast and Powerful
  • Super Bright LED Light
  • Multiple Uses
  • Portable Tire Inflators
  • Best for Emergencies
  • Not for Trucks


  1. Akface DC 12V Silent Air Compressor Pump for Car | Reviews and Buyer Guides | Under 30$

Akface is a fast inflating air compressor using high quality material which than prolongs the timing of the product while protecting the pump from overheating.

Best 12 volt air compressor for for car Good Friday Black Friday Deals

This digital air compressor is a multi-purpose device having 4 nozzles with a 11FT power cord enabling the device to inflate all the tires and other inflatable products such as air mattresses, swimming pools etc.

Akface is easy to operate as soon as you plug the value to the tire stem, turn the switch on and then when the desired pressure is achieved the system would automatically turnoff.

  • Sleek Design
  • Easy to Carry
  • Auto Switch OFF
  • Cannot Inflate Truck Tires
  • Loud


  1. Sunlifer Best Portable Car Tire Inflator | Reviews and Buyer Guide | Under 30$

Sunlifer air compressor is fast, reliable, compact and have sleek design. The product is made up of premium quality enabling to use the product for a longer period.

Best air compressor for nail gun

This powerful quiet air compressor is small and handy enabling it to be carried with a piece of mind and using it anywhere with ease.

Sunlifer 12V digital pump comes with multiple nozzles allowing to inflate other products such as swimming pools, air mattresses etc.

Comes with 10ft long power cable enabling you to successfully inflate all the tires with ease, Sunlifer can inflate mid-size car tire in 3 to 5 minutes.

Having 3 tire pressure units being: PSI, BAR, KG/CM.

  • Storage and Carry Bag
  • Additional Nozzles
  • Spare Fuse
  • 10-Foot-Long Cable
  • Cannot Inflate Truck Tires
  • Loud



How to use Best 12Volts DC Most Quiet Air Compressors – Guide – Operation Instructions?

Following are the steps which are required in order to start the system successfully.

  1. Make sure the air compressor is not powered on and the engine is running.
  2. Now uncap the dust valve, now attach the air chuck to the tire valve stem and screw it tight to the tire valve stem.
  3. Now power-up the DC air compressor into the lighter socket or through the battery which ever option is available.
  4. Turn the power on and now the compressor would start inflating the tire and once the desired pressure is reached it would automatically shut down.
  5. After the desired pressure is reached now turn the air compressor off and unscrew the valve from the tire stem.

Note: Keep in mind if you have setup the air compressor at a pressure of 35 PSI it would automatically pump in 35.5 PSI as when you unscrew the valve the air lost would be then equal to 35 PSI it’s just an example.

Which brand of air compressor is best?

It totally depends on your need weather you need a powerful and expensive one for your truck or for your small cars.

What is the best rated portable air compressor?

We personally would prefer all the products to our visitors, we have reviewed almost all of them it is now up to you to decide. (I personally use EPAuto, Yome and Kensun 12V compressor).

What kind of air compressor do I need?

If you have a mini SUV then I would recommend Kensun or Yome portable air compressor.

Which air compressor is most quiet?

I believe all of them are most quiet air compressor.

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