Best Selling Aickar 800A Car Jump Starter review – User Guide 2018

Around the globe we cannot rely on the dry or wet battery, as they can run out at any time due to malfunction of the generator even in the latest cars. In order to counter that issue we should have a backup plan, we cannot carry an extra heavy battery that would be used to jump start our car. In order to be hassle free most of the companies have introduced the super battery jumpers or portable car jumpers.

Best Selling Aickar 800A Car Jump Starter review

Functions / Capability:

This article is based on Aickar 800A portable car jump starter review, I will try to cover most of the products benefits for the cost it is being sold in open market or online stores. The most important points to keep in mind is that it has the bounce start capacity of 800 amp of pinnacle current and 198000 mAh of high battery voltage. It can kick start any 12V fuel motor, jeep, caravan, suv’s up to 4.5L diesel vehicles. It comes with a versatile power bank to charge your USB gadgets.

User Guide – Battery Jumper Aickar 800A – Under 100$

You can check out these top 5 car jump starter reviews. It work on the same principal as we used to attach the cables from one car to the other, you just need to power on the portable bounce starter, plug the red terminal to the + one and the black terminal to the -, in case you have connected it to the wrong terminals it will set off an alarm that will make you aware of the mistake you just have made.

Very easy and simple to use it comes with a user manual as well which can be used for further clarification, in case something doesn’t work right call their 24/7 service that would guide you accordingly.

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A compact, yet powerful 1200 amp portable jump box that has the largest battery capacity on the market. The small size gives the benefit to store the product easily and carry anywhere you want. You will definitely feel more secured with this auto battery jumper with you in your car. This is not just a portable jump starter but a jump starter power pack! With 20100mah of battery capacity, it can provide sufficient power to charge your smartphones, tablets, laptops, kindle and more.

The intelligent jumper clamp features more than 5 advanced safety technology including reverse polarity protection, over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, making it totally safe for anyone to use. All of it’s accessories including the jumper cables are well packed in a nice sturdy, strong jump pack zipper case. It’s a perfect gift choice for those who drives.

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