Jump-N-Carry JNC318 | Lithium Jump Starter Reviews

Almost every car owner has the same problem, you know what I am talking about “CAR BATTERY” they are the worst enemy, they can completely stop working at any moment due to any reason. Most of us would have called the road side assistance, the mechanic or our friend or family members to help us in jump starting the car or toeing it because the battery is completely dead. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. Here I am about to review the legendary performance and reliable designed portable lithium ion jump starter. You can check out more best car jump starters reviews.

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Jump-N-Carry Lithium Ion Jump Starter Review

The JNC318 from jump-n-carry brings the most powerful lithium ion with great performance and reliability in a handheld unit. Jump-N-Carry has been a great brand and a long trusted as the go-to jump starter brand for professionals and consumers alike.

Following are the descriptions of JNC318 Lithium Jump Starter


This mini jump starter is designed in a way that it can jump start a 8 cylinder vehicle gasoline and diesel engine easily. You can jump start lawn motors, car, vans, motorcycle and much more appliance that are operated on 12V.

Preheat Mode

“Customer safety is the number 1 priority” JNC318 features a unique preheat mode to overcome the obstacle of jump starting in a frigid temperatures. In case wrong connections are made with the battery it won’t damage the product and the user itself. Simply flip the switch and wait a few moments until the LED turn green. You are ready to jump start!

Full Size Clamps

Why most car jumpers fail and have bad review is due to bad quality of clamps, due to which when the clamps are attached to the corrosion the connection is not established which lead to failure of jump start and it leads to dissatisfaction.

Jump-N-Carry have made sure the clamps are full sized and heavy duty so it penetration the corrosion of the battery to ensure the best possible connection among the jumper and the battery.

12V Accessories

This product can be used as a 2 in 1 car jumper and power bank, the 12 volt female output give you the ability to power 12 volt accessories such as inflators, power inverters and more. You can charge your smartphones, tablets and laptop.

Dual USB Charging

You can charge your potential electronic gadgets such as cell phones and tablets via the dual 2.1A USB output.

LED Flashlight

In case of emergency this tool can be used as a flashlight, it comes with powerful extra bright LED flashlight. It comes with different modes such as SOS light mode and strobe mode for emergency in the dark.

Storage Case

With the delivery you will get a storage case to make it convenient for all the accessories to store and are included in storage case.

Most Powerful Lithium Ion Jump Starters Reviews


Product Information

Technical Details1. Brand: Clore Automotive

2. Model: Jump-N-Carry JNC318 Lithium Jump Starter and Power Supply

3. Item Weight: 3.02 pounds

4. Package Dimensions: 10.8 X 5.6 X 4.2 inches

5. Item Model Number: JNC318

6. Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer Batteries Included (Included)

7. Folding: No

  • Powerful
  • Handheld
  • 2 in 1
  • Reliable
  • Clamps Length Can Be Increased
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