Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700 Amp 12 Volt Portable Car Jump Stater

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700 Amp | Best 12V Heavy Duty Portable Car Jump Stater | Review & User | Under 230$


Have you ever suffered on the road side waiting for countless hours for road side assistance to arrive and provide a jump start? If not then you are the lucky one, if you have suffered then you don’t have to worry any more. Thanks to the advancement in the technology we don’t have to carry heavy additional battery in case of emergency.

Jump-N-Carry is a popular brand that is in the market for almost past 25 years with thousands of happy customer they have different versions of portable mini jumper’s pack which you can check on this blog which has many reviews on the best car jump starter.

In this review & user guide post we would like to discuss the featuresspecification its capability and added features of Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR Battery Booster Pack.

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Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR | Portable Car Jump Starter Review

The Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR jump start system takes the multi-functional professional jump starting to a whole new levelFeatures include exclusive Clore PROFORMER battery technology, designed to deliver high peak amps, extended cranking power, numerous jumps per charge, and a long service life. Plus, with automatic charging from a built-in charger, extra-long cables, and integrated air compressor, the JNCAIR is as convenient as it is powerful.

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR Portable Car Jump Starter Review

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR Portable Car Jump Starter Review

Top 10 Car Jump Starter Reviews

This product of Clore Automotive has integrated air compressor with jump starter making it a super advance emergency tool increasing its capability even further. As one can predict from the model name JNCAIR. It contains Lead Acid battery which is already included in this heavy duty jumper which is an essential component to provide and store power in case of emergency.

JNCAIR Heavy Duty Jumper comes with proformer battery technology which is designed to provide extremely high power output which enables it to provide additional cranking power and long service life.

This jump starter comes with extra-long 68” cables, industrial grade Hot Jaw Clamps which make sure the corrosion are penetrated so proper connection is established among the car or dead battery with the portable battery pack. Due to the air compressor being installed in the pack it comes with 12 feet coiled air hose with screw-on chuck.

A voltmeter is installed to provide the charge status of the onboard battery.
Before operating this product go through the user manual.

From the manufacturer

Legendary Jump-N-Carry Performance

Unmatched Power

Power. It’s the calling card of a Jump-N-Carry jump starter. Absolutely reliable power. The JNC660 is no exception. Its Clore Proformer battery is specifically developed to perform the jump starting application and is designed to deliver exceptional cranking power, extended cranking duration, numerous jumps per charge and long service life.

Professional Performance

The JNCAIR includes numerous features to make jump starting more effective and convenient. Its 68 inch cable reach enables it to reach the starting points on vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Add the convenience of an integrated, industrial grade Air Delivery System with 12 foot coiled air hose and built-in gauge.

Trusted for 25 Years

For over 25 years, Jump-N-Carry has been the go-to brand for tow truck drivers, auto mechanics, rescue vehicles, car auctioneers and anyone else in need of a reliable jump starter.

Key Specifications:

  • 1700 Peak Amps
  • 425 Cranking Amps
  • Clore Proformer Battery Technology
  • Industrial Grade Hot Jaw Clamps
  • Built-in Automatic Charger
  • 12 ft. Coiled Air Hose
  • 12 Volt DC Outlet to Power Accessories

Powerful Components

Every aspect of the JNC660 is tailored to support the goal of delivering as much starting power as possible to a disabled vehicle. All components of the ‘power path’ are designed to support the goal of getting the jump starter’s power to the disabled vehicle. This includes the heavy-duty, 2 AWG cable leads and Industrial Grade clamps that penetrate corrosion on the vehicle’s battery for a good electrical connection.

Starter and Compressor All-In-One

The JNCAIR adds the convenience of shop air, featuring an integrated, industrial grade Air Delivery System, equipped with a 12 foot air hose with screw-on chuck and built-in air pressure gauge. With the ability to fill a 15 inch car tire from flat in under seven minutes, the Air Delivery System brings shop convenience to portable service scenarios.

Most Powerful Lithium Jump Starter

Built-in Automatic Recharging

The JNCAIR features automatic recharging using its built-in AC charger, making it even easier to keep your jump starter in top operating condition. The charger on the JNCAIR is built right into the front of the unit. Simply plug in a standard extension cord and it immediately starts charging. Also, the charging system delivers a beneficial, automatic charging routine and stops charging when the onboard battery has reached full charge. This allows the JNCAIR to be connected to an AC outlet indefinitely without any harmful result to the battery.

Industrial Clamps

Industrial Grade Hot Jaw clamps with high tension springs penetrate corrosion on battery terminals and transfer maximum power to the vehicle’s battery.

Built-in Charger

Features fully automatic, built-in charger for its on-board battery. This allows for the unit to be left plugged in, meaning your jump starter is in an always ready state. See part no. JNC350 for charging cable.

Power Supply

12 Volt power output can power a variety of accessories. Includes automatic circuit protection to prevent overloads.

Tough Rubber Boot

Extra-strength rubber boot provides stability, allowing you to place your JNCAIR wherever you need.

  • Heavy Duty
  • Multi Functional
  • Air Compressor
  • New Technology
  • A Bit Expensive

Celebrating 25 Years of Jump Starting

Founded in 2001, but with an over 50 year heritage, Clore Automotive is one of the leader in the design, development and manufacture of automotive service equipment for professionals and consumers. Our brands include some of the most widely recognized names in the automotive equipment aftermarket, including Jump-N-Carry, Light-N-Carry, Booster PAC, Truck PAC, and more.

Introduced in 1993, the Jump-N-Carry line of premium portable jump starter has become a household name for mechanics, tow truck drivers, dealers, and anyone else in need of a jump starter they can trust to provide the power and performance to get your vehicle moving again.


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